The Joining of Heaven and Earth is an online resource dedicated to the Romanesque sculpture and the mythologies surrounding the medieval pilgrimage roads to Santiago de Compostela.

It features over 50 originally produced short films and more than 200 illustrated articles.

Original music has been specially composed by Martin A Smith

Apart from Romanesque sculpture, the content of the site is focussed on two extraordinary medieval texts: the so-called Pilgrim’s Guide and the History of Charlemagne and Roland both of which were part of a larger collection devoted to the cult of Santiago de Compostela. Essentially, the first purports to be a guide for the prospective pilgrim, while the second creates a pseudo historical setting for it.

The site is divided into four sections. The first covers Compostela and the pilgrimage. The second under the heading of Heaven, details those aspects to do with what lay beyond the physical world. The third section deals with the Earth and where the metaphysical connected with the world. The fourth, entitled Cinematograph, is divided in three and is the repository of original short films, on the one hand of Romanesque sculpture and on the other of the Pilgrimage Roads. In accord with the nature of the material, the stylistic approach of these films is intentionally a meditative one. The Cinematograph menu also contains the image galleries.

The text provided elsewhere on the site is essentially intended as a counterweight to this meditative approach and to provide context for these films which are also embedded within the articles whenever relevant.



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