Introduction: The Compostelan Universe

This site is a sort of virtual museum devoted to what might be called the medieval Compostelan Universe.

It is an extrapolation of some of the material found in what is often referred to as the Book of Saint James which was written in the twelfth century.

This involves combining a number of different elements under a single umbrella. Firstly, the spatial and geographical, which deals with the pilgrimage roads. Secondly, the historical and mythological aspects. Thirdly, the spiritual and religious. Fourth, the artistic, represented principally in the profusion of stone carvings of the Romanesque churches.

Naturally these would tend to overlap but in the medieval mind they were indivisible.

Pilgrimage may be as old as man. The idea that there are places on earth, which hold a powerful numinous attraction, be they natural phenomena or the location of the bones of saints, has held a grip on man’s imagination for millennia. In matters of destination there is always the journey. Two sides of a single coin. Here, the medieval pilgrimage to Compostela is the prism through which to view the world it inhabited. This was a sacred topography or if you prefer, a veritable and authentic psychogeography.

In keeping with the spirit of the medieval world represented here, this site is intended as both an art historical resource and a creative, imaginative work in its own right.

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